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“My Cynicism”
A Memorial Headstone for:


In May, 1917 artist Marcel Duchamp signed a porcelain urinal and presented it to the society
of Independent Art to exhibit... they accepted it!!  and it was shown as a piece of "Art".
On that day....
"Art" died.
Modern Art was born and Con-Temporary Art followed.  Contemporary Art is the perfect name
for most art being created today.  It is a complete intellectual con-job... ultimately created by
the Rich and the stooges at their beck and call.  Fortunately, this work is also temporary!!!  

Case in point... a Banana, duct taped to a wall, which sold for $120,000.00 dollars.  Art Basel
exhibited this piece of........"Con-Temporary FArt" in December, 2019.

On the reverse side of this memorial is my attempt at acceptance in the world of:

“Contemporary Art”
Does it work???

My Hope for the Future in:  2021

Sculptor Ric McClain