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 The Artist 

About the Artist: 

He is a sculptor. He gives form to thought......... in materials of a more enduring kind.

Internationally known artist Ric McClain, is a native of Colorado.  He has studio's in both Aspen, Colorado...his home, and the Tuscan village in Italy known as "the holy stone", Pietrasanta.  A storied place steeped in the history of sculpture and teaming with dust covered artists and artisans.  He has worked at his craft for over forty-five years.  His sculpture in marble, bronze, wood, and clay are in collections throughout the world.  His story is rich, full, and continuing.  Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, skiing was the passion of his youth.  After graduating from the University of Colorado, he traveled extensively thru the Orient, Australia, Europe, Greece, Turkey, and finally settled in Pietrasanta, a city known for its marble.  A place also known for its impassioned artists full of grappa, in dusty coveralls, artists who had found their "muses".  A place where creative excitement rose and permeated from life everywhere.  A place where artistic conversation was not part of a movie set, but rather carried on daily in picturesque bars located in buildings four hundred years old.  An international place, so rich in diversity, debauchery, and passion...... one had to stay.  Entry into such a place had its difficulties. Learning the mysteries of marble, known now only by artisans who only grudgingly pass this knowledge on, has proven to be a life long quest.  Working with these masters has been a gift of magical proportions.  Working and seeking these mysteries are now his passion.

(What a flowery load of shit all that is!!!... what I really do is make dust!!!  I get up every morning... when I'm lucky, go to my studio and I make dust!!!... and God............. I do so love it!!!)

About the Sculpture:

Ric creates intriguing and elegant figurative sculpture.  Working in both marble and bronze, his work has within it an allure and intrigue which resonates from the mystery of his subject matter............ "the feminine".  His work is deeply engaging and has a quality of giving the viewer a more intimate look into that mystery.  He reveals through form and line a softness, which belies the material from which it is formed.  The work though revealing also suggest the continued unknown quality of the subject matter through what is not revealed. His work is known for its quality of craftsmanship and material.  Ric McClain's extensive body of work can be found in distinguished public and private collections in the United States, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Israel, England, and France.


  Graduated Aspen High School,  Aspen, Colorado - 1971
  Marble Carving, Pietrasanta, Italy  1976 - present
  Tommasi Foundry, Pietrasanta, Italy

  San Francisco Art Institure, San Fransisco, California
  University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Design, University of Colorado


Selected Gallery & Museum Exhibitions:

  Musio D'Arte Moderna, Milano, Italy
  Haifa Museum, Haifa, Israel
  Alwin Gallery, London, England
  Robert Thomas Galleries, Winter Park, Florida
  Kersting Gallery, Sausalito, California
  Vail Fine Arts Gallery, Vail, Colorado

  Magidson Fine Arts Gallery,  Aspen,  Colorado
  The Downey Gallery,  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Selected Private Collections:

  Mr. Andy Mill & Mrs.Chris Evert-Mill,  Boca Raton, Florida
  Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bosley, Hollywood, California

  Ms.Martina Navritalova, Aspen, Colorado
  Mr. Edward T. Cross, Aspen, Colorado
  Mr. B. Bunny, Hollywood, California


Sculptor Ric McClain